The Crypto Portfolio Tracking Customer Journey

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4 min readDec 23, 2019


This article is for you if:

  • You are currently overwhelmed by the number of different tools currently available for portfolio tracking
  • You are indecisive on how to choose the right tool for you
  • You are wondering what the best tools in the market are and how can you trust people

The Journey

How do you come to the conclusion that you need a crypto portfolio tracking app? Here are a few realizations that you might feel familiar with:

  1. You have at least 2 wallets and 2 exchanges
  2. You have no clue how much money you have in your entire portfolio
  3. You are holding and trading more than 5 different cryptocurrencies
  4. You have received a bunch of airdrops
  5. You worry about the amount of taxes you need to pay but you have 0 clues about the tax laws in your country regarding cryptocurrency

We understand you quite well. That was us a few years back. So we did the research and we realized that this is the journey most of our users go through (ourselves included):

Crypto Portfolio Tracking Customer Journey

Research Portfolio Tracking Tools

DYOR. That’s something everyone will tell you in every crypto blog, Twitter account or sub-Reddit. There’s a lot of truth in that. So here are some quick tips for you to start your research process:

  • Visit trustworthy crypto sites. Make sure that they have a decent UI/UX. Design is just a great filter to see if someone cares about their platform
  • Go to different news sites. They will give you a perspective of the different features a tool might have. Take the information with a grain of salt as some of these “reviews” can be biased.
  • Don’t get frustrated. You’ll quickly realize that you might end up a little bit more confused than before.

Compare Portfolio Tracking Tools

So currently you feel annoyed and confused and very skeptical about the information you’ve gathered thus far. You’ve come to the conclusion that you must take this matter under your own hands so you do your own analysis to compare the pros and cons of the current offering in the market. You focus on the following:

  • Price & Market Information
  • Personal Data Representation
  • Information Input
  • Alert
  • UI/UX Design
  • Pricing
  • Support

If you’d like to get a full detailed benchmark report about the different crypto portfolio tracking tools available, click here.

Ask Friends and Family for References

You probably have that one cousin or friend who got into crypto early and it’s some sort of modern Nostradamus. She/he is the one who told you which coins you should buy in 2017, what the best wallet is and which exchange offered the best fees. She/he probably had you in his best interest.

However, it is still important to have several references. In crypto, whether it’s a token, wallet or exchange, everyone will have a say on things, but it’s up to you to make a conscious and thoughtful decision. Your portfolio tracking tool shouldn’t be any different. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the one now teaching your family and friends how to properly track their portfolio and get insights out of it.

Download the Apps and Test them Out

So you’ve come a long way already:

  1. You’ve done your research
  2. You’ve compared the different tools
  3. You’ve asked your family and friends

but now it’s the moment of truth. You’ll have to try the different tools and A/B test them. Analyze which one is the right fit for you. Which of the tools has the best UX for you? Which tool has your favorite wallets and exchanges? Which ones have all the features that you’d like to have? Which ones consider things you hadn’t thought of before? Feel free to try ours here. If you have any questions, please reach out on Telegram here.

Sign Up and Install

You’ve made your choice and the best has won. Now you’re ready to become part of that tribe. You’ll download the app and join the Telegram group. You’ll follow them on Twitter and refer your cousin and friend. You’ll know exactly the value of your portfolio now after you’ve imported all your transactions, manually or through addresses or API connections. You’ll read the blog posts and check the updates. Everything is going great.

Suddenly you realize that you need more features and there are some wallets and exchanges that you’ll need to add. Make sure that you have great customer support. Go to their website and send an email, try their chatbot. Is it a human or a computer? What’s their response rate? Make sure that your portfolio tracking tool is one with which you’d like to stay in a long term relationship. If you found it already, I hope you’re very happy. If you’re looking for something new or are uncertain yet, we invite you to go to and learn more about us.


Selecting a portfolio tracking tool shouldn’t be such an excruciating task. Obviously, this might be a little bit exaggerated. Do take into consideration those steps that make the most sense to you. Pick those suggestions that resonate with your overall selection process and if you feel like Accointing is the one for you, we would be more than happy to have you on board. sign up with us here and start tracking today.



Accointing by Glassnode

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