The Crypto Portfolio Tracking Customer Journey

  • You are currently overwhelmed by the number of different tools currently available for portfolio tracking
  • You are indecisive on how to choose the right tool for you
  • You are wondering what the best tools in the market are and how can you trust people

The Journey

  1. You have at least 2 wallets and 2 exchanges
  2. You have no clue how much money you have in your entire portfolio
  3. You are holding and trading more than 5 different cryptocurrencies
  4. You have received a bunch of airdrops
  5. You worry about the amount of taxes you need to pay but you have 0 clues about the tax laws in your country regarding cryptocurrency
Crypto Portfolio Tracking Customer Journey

Research Portfolio Tracking Tools

  • Visit trustworthy crypto sites. Make sure that they have a decent UI/UX. Design is just a great filter to see if someone cares about their platform
  • Go to different news sites. They will give you a perspective of the different features a tool might have. Take the information with a grain of salt as some of these “reviews” can be biased.
  • Don’t get frustrated. You’ll quickly realize that you might end up a little bit more confused than before.

Compare Portfolio Tracking Tools

  • Price & Market Information
  • Personal Data Representation
  • Information Input
  • Alert
  • UI/UX Design
  • Pricing
  • Support

Ask Friends and Family for References

Download the Apps and Test them Out

  1. You’ve done your research
  2. You’ve compared the different tools
  3. You’ve asked your family and friends

Sign Up and Install





Connecting Crypto: Track, Manage, and Report all Your Crypto Platforms in One Place.

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Connecting Crypto: Track, Manage, and Report all Your Crypto Platforms in One Place.

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