Taxing Through Europe

Income Tax

If you’ve ever had a job in Europe that makes more than the absolute bare minimum to survive on (and in some cases even then), you’ll have paid income tax.

Example of tax brackets in income tax

This is what a typical tax bracket might look like:

Countries with Income Tax on Crypto Gains

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains taxes are different from income tax as they usually have a fixed rate more or less independent from your yearly income. Capital gains tax is usually applied when you make money from buying or selling stocks or other securities.

Wealth Tax

A wealth tax is different in that it doesn’t calculate gains received through income or trading, but rather the value of the assets that you own at a certain time. So even if you are not buying or selling anything, if your assets appreciate in value (such as Bitcoin) and are worth a lot at the time of calculating your overall wealth, you will have to pay taxes on that value, even though you might not have sold any of your assets.

No Tax

The only country on the list that doesn’t collect taxes on your crypto portfolio at all is Portugal.



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