How to Help my CPA using a Crypto Accounting Tool… and Save Money

  • … even after reading the introduction above you still like money
  • … you have done more than a handful crypto-trades in the past
  • … you need to do a tax return for your crypto gains/losses
  • … you would like to spend less money on your CPA and get better results in a shorter amount of time

Why exactly would I want to help my CPA?

The Myth of a Perfect Tax Return…

At some point, you actually lose money by optimizing your tax return.
  • With an optimized automated report, you save a lot of your own time trying to figure out how to provide data to your accountant.
  • You reduce the load of your CPA to figure out how to compute for your crypto taxes (or at least until he has automated away his job).
  • With this, your utility function immediately changes because all of the preparation that is usually necessary is simply automated away.

What does this mean money-wise?

Since you reach high tax savings more easily, you need to spend less on CPA fees and save money overall.
  • Your CPA doesn’t lose time and nerves due to the amount of work necessary to figure out your gains.
  • You save a lot of money on CPA fees
  • You get an optimized tax report that takes into account all of the different methods to save taxes.



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